The Aubrey Irons ARC TEAM:

-Free Romance Books for Honest Reviews-


So what the heck is an ARC?

Welcome to the Aubrey Irons ARC Team! The purpose of this project is to connect true fans with ARCs, or Advance Review Copies, of soon-to-be-published works. 

Reader reviews are the heart's blood of any successful independent author. I rely on my readers for reviews, which bring new readers in and encourage others to try my stories. It is my absolute pleasure to provide free ARCs to you in return for honest reviews.

Essentially, as a member of the Aubrey Irons ARC Team, you will receive FREE early releases of my latest books, delivered straight to your email inbox (I'll be sending to the address you signed up for the mailing list with; feel free to email me at AubreyIronsAuthor at gmail dot com if you'd prefer to use a different one!)

In exchange, you agree to post thoughtful, honest reviews of the book within seven days of receiving the file. I'll remind you via email when the post date is coming up, so you don't have to stress about keeping track.

Hey, it's steamy, sexy, escapist romance; who the heck needs stress, right? ;)

Just for clarity, when you sign for my ARC Team, you agree:

  • To receive new stories FREE OF CHARGE via email.
  • To share with me only your basic information (name, email address).
  • Within ONE WEEK, post an honest review on Amazon. I will include links to GoodReads, as well as B&N, Google Play, etc. should I eventually sell through those markets, but those are up to your discretion. Only Amazon postings are required as a member of the ARC Team.
  • Include in all reviews  the following line: "I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review". Yeah, bizarre looking I know, but this is actually required by the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Not to share these free review copies with anyone. Instead, refer anyone interested to this ARC Team page and let them sign up for their own copies. It's FREE, after all!
  • To potentially receive news and information related only to the Aubrey Irons ARC Team, such as giveaways, social media information, thank-yous, and upcoming release news. I won't spam you, I promise! I'd rather keep you interested than fill your inbox with junk.
  • That if you are not active in posting reviews during the time-period specified earlier, you may be removed from the program without notice (It's nothing personal! I'll still love you!) In the event that life happens, and you are unable to participate for a period of time, simply contact me at aubreyironsauthor at gmail dot com, let me know that you wish to remain active, and I'll hold your spot until you're ready. We're all human, I get it!

FREE Book?! Sounds great! how do I sign up?

Easy! Just sign up for my mailing list here, and check the box to let me know you're interested in the ARC Team. Already on the list but didn't sign up for ARC stuff the first time? No problem! Just sent me an email (aubreyironsauthor at gmail dot com), mention the email address you used to sign up the first time and that you're interested in joining, and I'll set the whole thing up. BAM; free books!